Fellowship Groups

Northwest Covenant Church (NWCC) fellowship groups are made up of members and non-members of NWCC. The groups are informal, and meet outside of church for the purpose of enjoying times of fellowship together, which allows for the creation and development of friendships. There is no official membership, annual fee or initiation into any of the fellowship groups. To be connected, simply click here to contact the church office. We will gladly add you to the fellowship group contact list. Please note that while the fellowship groups are organized around vague age categories, they are all nonexclusive and are all open to all in the NWCC family, so it is perfectly acceptable to be involved with multiple fellowship groups.

Fellowship Groups include:
New Beginnings

Visionaries Fellowship Group

Visionaries Picnic at our Rand Road Campus

The Visionaries fellowship group is primarily made up of post college / career individuals, who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s, who are single, married or divorced and either have a couple of kids, a lot of kids or no kids at all. The group meets on a quasi-regular basis, with some activities being geared for adults only, and others being set up for the entire family.



The activities range from social activities to service projects. Recent activities have included:

  • Bowling
  • Whirly Ball
  • Picnics on the church grounds
  • Overnight at Covenant Harbor Camp in Lake Geneva
  • Dinners out
  • Hosting the Easter Egg Hunt
  • Participating in a work day at Covenant Harbor Camp at Lake Geneva


Northwesterners Fellowship Group

Northwesteners Outing at Covenant Harbor on Lake Geneva

The Northwesterners fellowship group is primarily made up of individuals in their 50s, 60s or early 70s. The group meets four times a year, for different seasonal events. The activities / events are typically social in nature and cater to adults. The group sometimes incorporates service activities into their events. Recent Northwesterners’ activities have included:



  • Chicago trolley ride / tour
  • Square dancing
  • Chicago boat ride / tour
  • Attending Musicals
  • Overnights at Covenant Harbor Camp in Lake Geneva
  • Dinner outings


New Beginnings Fellowship Group

The New Beginnings fellowship group is made up of couples, singles and widows and widowers in their 70s and older. Recent activities have included:

  • Outdoor concerts
  • Ice Cream parlor outings
  • Dinners